Vincent Van Santvoord (Charlie)

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VINCENT VAN SANTVOORD (Charlie) is an actor, as well as a founding member of Built for Collapse, and Motel Room Studios. Recent theater credits include: BLOODY POETRY (Brooklyn Arts Library) TALKS WITH A DRUNK (BOSSS Fest.), UNDER WATER (The Red House Center for Culture and Debate, LPAC), UNREMARKABLE (Developed at NYTW, presented at TNC), WE WERE WILD ONCE (3LD, JACK, Summer on the Hudson), RED WEDNESDAY (LPAC, Ice Factory), DRUNKFISH OCEANRANT (Prelude Festival, Dixon Place), NUCLEAR LOVE AFFAIR (Roma Fringe Festival, HERE, Prague Fringe Festival, Ars Nova, TNC), THE SEA PLAYS (Old Vic Tunnels), HAMLET (Galapagos Art Space). Recent film credits include: WEDDING SINGER (Dir. Kyle Thrash)

Why theatre?

Theater is one of the only places where magic can still occur. The agreement that’s made when walking into a theater is unlike the agreement made anywhere else. Imagine “willing suspension of disbelief” in any other situation, it would be heinous. This gives the theatre its power. That agreement itself is magical, and gives the medium of performance power. 

Personally, there is a deviant joy in knowing what you’re doing only exists for that moment. Its something that I wish I was more aware of in my everyday life, and its inherent in theater – everyone is aware of it.  “Only exists” in that hoaky, etherial, humanist way – a video of a theatrical performance is a facsimile: a base approximation of what was. 

Why Ardor?

Have you read it? It’s amazing. 

Really, Ardor is a fantastic play. It is truly an honor, and a privilege to be a part of this production.  Gasda has an incredible ability to capture the mundane struggle to reach something greater than ourselves. That isn’t very eloquent, but that’s because it’s a difficult thing to put into words. Everything I was trying to write for the first question? That relationship with time and the unreal? That struggle for language can be poetic and musical and powerful. Gasda has done just that with Ardor. He has a wonderful sense of voice… Honestly, anything I say is going to diminish/downplay/cheapen the absolutely inspiring play that Matthew has written. Come see it.

What inspires you? 

I’m not sure.

Nature is ever-inspiring. I don’t want to say anything more cliche than I already have, but the phrase “stop and smell the roses” comes to mind. The composer John Luther Adams once said something like “nature is the landscape which contains all of human nature.” I find myself thinking about that a lot lately. 

There is beauty, and sadness, and a whole existence that is different than your own, and the capacity for something deeply inspiring.

I guess that leads us to people.

People are an endless source of fascination, and thus inspiration. And I don’t really like people. But all around us, especially in people, there is hope, and that is inspiring.

So yeah. I’m gonna stick with “I don’t know,” ’cause I like that feeling more. Theres room for discovery.

Random facts:

As a child I loved Peter Pan. 

I’ve seen A TON of Star Trek in the last few months, cause my roommate has been working his way through (like, all of Star Trek – Orig., TNG, DS9, all the pre-JJ movies…)

I wish I was a salvage diver.