Greg Petroff (Andre)

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EquityLogo_RGBcolor.jpg GREG PETROFF (Andre) received his BA from Case Western and his MFA from Rutgers. Locally he had been seen in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Theseus/Oberon) The Tempest (Caliban), and Julius Caesar Cas(Cassius). Regionally, he did a one-man Hamlet uncut in Kentucky. He is happy to be a part of this play. On Twitter @GregPetroff.

Why Theatre?

Because it’s fun.


Meisner acting training teaches that theater is about imagination. Doesn’t matter what your personal life is like, you can be a king on stage.

Theatre is not easy, there are hundreds of people auditioning for every job that’s out there. Acting is one of the few professions in the arts you are wholly dependent on other people.

It is something that I have done for a long time- started with dinner musical theater at the age of 18. I’ve worked on about 140 shows (classical, modern, drama, musicals…) with 50-60 different directors. 

Why Ardor?

Because I was asked to do it.

Also, Ardor is a good script with multiple levels- very different from what you usually expect to see from a young playwright. Which is usually either a social awareness play or some aspect of their fantasy life on stage- two types of plays with built-in traps.

What inspires you?

Comedy. I’ve taken from Looney Tunes, Buster Keaton, and others. Jack Benny is someone who had about three jokes he kept working on- one he believe he’s a great violinist (he’s not), two he is tight with money, and three he is vain (think he’s 39).  The Marx brothers. Harpo Marx never spoke and was hilarious with great timing. And Groucho Marx… well a priest once thanked him for all the joy he put into the world, and Groucho replied by thanking him for all the joy he’d taken out of the world.

Also enjoy good movies, eclectic music (sea shanties and early blues lately), and live theater.

Any word of advice for  younger actors?

Bill Esper once said, “If it’s good I don’t need to know how you did it. If it’s bad, I don’t need to listen to two hours of excuses.”

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