Interview with Ashley Owens


Ashley is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Suited Magazine, a biannual fashion and art publication that showcases independent thinkers passionate about creating work that is at once inspired, influential, and timeless. Ashley joins Ardor as our special guest to help “suit” our cast into the best costumes.   

Why Theatre?

Theatre is a more honest expression of the current culture as it represents the human to human experience in the entertainment industry. It’s not over-commercialized – it’s an art form in a way that’s not built to market products. It’s a pure form of art: about the playwright and the personal experiences of the actors. It’s a written performance shared with a small intimate group of people.

Why Ardor? 

Matthew is very genuine in trying to understand relationships and himself in those relationships. He’s in the process of that and supporting him on this process gives room for both sides to evolve. 

For myself, it gives me a different perspective outside my typical routines and how I experience art. It enhances my own ability to be open to other perspectives and other people. 

How do you pick out what’s most “suited” for each character?

I look for something that’s timeless. The clothing should blend into the background so that the focus is on the actor and their words. I also take into consideration the room size as well as the set designs and colors in making sure all of the costumes also blend into the bigger theme of the show. 

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by taking risks and seeing what can happen when you don’t just play it safe.

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