Ardor the Play

"Everything has been figured out, except how to live." Sartre

Gasda’s new play Ardor dissects the lives of nine contemporary friends with century-old philosophical contemplations. A single familiar farmhouse living room is the setting for love triangles, lust, identity crisis, overwhelming loss… no one is excused by the awkwardness of life and death. 

Debuting This fall

Alana, a dancer, 24

“The fact that colors in the flower evolved in order to attract insects to pollinate them is interesting: it means that insects can see the color. Which means, that if you think about it, nature needs beauty to survive” 

Andre, a painter, Chloe’s Uncle, 55

“There are two kinds of people: those who can endure physical pain but not spiritual pain, and those who can endure spiritual pain but go crazy over the thought of physical pain.” 

Arthur, a mystery, 22

“Sometimes I’m convinced that I’m either the Buddha or the devil. I must be one or the other.”

“You know, I’ve been told I can talk snails into orgasm” 

Charlie, a playwright, 24

“You chase the sweetness of spring all the way to the end of summer and by that time it’s too late…”

Chloe, an actor, 24

 “It’s like, I always end up sending long text messages to people trying to explain and re-explain and re-re-explain what I tried to say in person; words are a pathology, I can’t seem to ever say them right”

Fred, a writer, 24

When I was little, maybe four or five years old, a part of me used to think that I was waiting for permission from someone to die; I wasn’t sure why exactly— it just seemed better to be dead; like in the same way it’s better to have an umbrella when it’s raining than not to have one. I didn’t even realize that it was unusual until I was older. But wanting to die makes other people uncomfortable, so I stopped. No one noticed, nothing changed on the outside. It was an external thing, a little click, like a machine changing gears.” 

Leo, an actor, Chloe’s younger brother, 19

“You’re gonna say that I should feel lucky that you even invited me to hang out with your friends..”

Sophia, Andre’s art model, 22

“I don’t like giving words away. They’re mine.”

Victoria, a theatre director, 24

“I’m not sure which side is going to win out: The side that is driven and independent, or the side that’s flat-out heartbroken and needy.”